The Introduction

Well I figured it was about time I started using the blog for its intended purpose, considering I’ve been paying for it, for over a year!

So a little introduction to begin with. My name is Amanda. I’m 36 and I live in Fife, Scotland, but I’m originally from Dublin. I moved to Fife for love (awh!!) and I’m engaged to a fabulous man called Don(ald) and I have a dog called Toby.

I love to craft, all sorts from painting, rock painting, paper craft etc. Im also an avid reader and will watch a good TV series too! Oh I almost forgot I am ‘technically’ a radio presenter too although I haven’t done my own show in quite a while due to an injury.

It’s taken me a long time to decide what to do with this blog, I thought I should have it centered on one topic, but I have decided that it will be about that speaks to my soul 🙂 Whether that be in a good way or a bad way, it will end up here!

Thank you for reading, and please like and share all the social media pages too xx

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you guys

A xx


Published by Sunshinescribbler

Irish woman living in Scotland. I'm a writer, radio presenter, crafter, blogger

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